Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To respond to emergencies, raise awareness and educate the public on how to protect themselves from fire, disasters and pandemics.

Our Vision
To be a leading provider of integrated disaster and emergency response in the region, by providing the right equipment, training, personnel and create employment in order improve the economic growth of the communities and increase their safety, well-being and living standards.

Core Values

Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity and Professional Excellence

Strategic Objective
To highlight the dangers of fire and disaster to reduce injury, death and loss of property
We achieve our goal by offering:

  • 24/7 Fire and Ambulance emergency response services.
  • Firefighting and Emergency Response Technicians (EMT) Training
  • Lease of fully equipped fire engines and ambulances for a monthly fee
  • Sale and maintenance of emergency response equipment
  • We have a purpose built emergency response & disaster management training centre that provides training with industry-relevant skills in disaster and emergency response.
  • Training in internationally recognized courses like Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Dispatch/HAZMART/ALS, BLS, Incident Command, Fire and First Aid Training.
  • Response to Disasters and Pandemics.

How we do it:

  • We lease and maintain fully equipped emergency response vehicles to create an integrated disaster and emergency response services.
  • We have a fully equipped control room and dispatch center to ensure that only the most appropriate resources are deployed to an emergency in the most effective way, with the lowest risk to lives, businesses and property.
  • We create employment for the youth by training with industry-relevant skills in disaster and emergency response and employ them to operate our emergency response vehicles.
  • We offer training in fire prevention, firefighting, first aid and disaster management.
  • We supply, maintain and service fire equipment.
  • We conduct community fire safety campaigns both at local and national level focusing more attention on education, raising awareness among the most vulnerable people within the community.