Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment
To comply with fire legislation and fire safety in the workplace an employer must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Where significant hazards are identified the necessary control measures must then be implemented to reduce any associated risks to an acceptable level. This Risk Assessment must then be periodically reviewed to ensure that the control measures are still effective – the frequency of reviews depends on the type of business and the hazards present.

Fire Risk Assessment Best Practice

Responsibility for complying with the new fire safety legislation rest with the employer or any other person who may have control of any part of the workplace, for example, the owner or occupier.
A fire safety risk assessment involves a full evaluation of your premises in terms of fire safety hazards, positioning of fire extinguishers and signage, evacuation procedures and a report written by a competent person detailing how to minimise fire risk.

Our fire risk assessors are fully qualified experts with many years of experience who can provide the service you require, giving you the reassurance that the end result meets all legal requirements.
The fire risk assessment can normally be completed in one day, a report will then be written in detail stating all our findings and recommendations.

Under the new fire legislation, the responsible person must carry out a fire risk assessment and take reasonable steps to remove or reduce the risk.
The responsible person must provide a suitable and sufficient level of fire precautions.
These should include:

  • Appropriate measures to reduce the risk of fire
  • Appropriate measures that will limit the spread of fire
  • Appropriate measures of detection and giving warning in case of fire
  • Appropriate measures to ensure that means of escape can be effectively used at all time
  • Appropriate portable fire extinguishers for the risk identified in means of fire fighting
  • Appropriate signs and notices to enable persons to escape safely

Ensuring persons understand the action to be taken in the event of fire on the premises, including:
Instruction and training of staff & Measures to lessen the effects of fire
What does the Responsible Person have to do?
The Responsible Person is responsible for the safety of employees and relevant persons by effectively managing:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Fire Procedures
  • Fire Drills
  • Means of Escape
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Evacuations
  • Signs and Notices

How can ICT Fire & Rescue help?

We carry out fire risk assessments on any type of property to comply with fire legislation and fire safety in the workplace.

On completion of the Fire Risk Assessment we  discuss the findings and explain practical methods of reducing the risk to an acceptable level. Where a more detailed approach is required due to the nature of the business or planned construction work  we provide a comprehensive Fire Safety Audit.

Fire Safety Audit

The next step up from a Fire Risk Assessment is a Fire Safety Audit. The Fire Safety Audit involves a detailed and systematic audit of all the fire safety controls, policies, procedures and training within a business.
The Fire Safety Audit also allows for detailed drawings to be produced.
The audit will always be tailored to the organization needs and wishes and the nature of the building. The Fire Safety.

Audit also allows for detailed assessment to be made as follows:

  • Carry out a detailed Fire Safety Audit at the client’s premises
  • Review fire routes and interiors in accordance with Safety Legislation
  • Review all current control measures in place including: fire routes, fire safety signage, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems
  • Review all documentation including existing Fire Risk Assessments, policies and procedures, maintenance records
  • Produce detailed drawings of the premises and plot current fire precautions
  • Provide a detailed action plan to address all non-compliance
  • Produce a draft Emergency Plan for the client’s premises

On completion of the Fire Safety Audit we can meet with the client and discuss the findings and explain practical methods of reducing the risk to an acceptable level.