Fire Surveys & Audits

Fire safety surveys and audits
Fire regulations requires all buildings to be regularly checked to ensure that fire safety provisions are adequate.
Our service in this field involves a variety of fire safety surveys and fire safety audits to fulfill our clients’ needs, in essence anything that could serve to control the development and spread of fire.
Where necessary, we provide advice on replacing and/or upgrading the existing equipment’s to satisfy all your requirements in accordance with the law.
All our staff are experienced in many facets of fire engineering and able to provide sound advice on the requirements to suit your individual situation. We recognise the need to make recommendations that will satisfy your legal obligations, at the same time assessing the financial impact.
Why we carry out fire safety surveys and audits
Fire surveys and fire safety audits are carried out for a number of reasons such as:

  • To assess day-to-day fire safety standards
  • To review improvements being carried out
  • To provide a second opinion on works recommended by maintenance companies
  • To provide a detailed schedule of works for safety improvements and/or upgrade works
  • To give general fire consultancy and fire safety advice to provide fire protection solutions
  • To provide Fire Risk Assessments    

We recommend fire training courses be given after work is completed to ensure that staff are aware of the fire safety measures put in place.

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