What we offer

Fire Safety Awareness

At ICT fire and Rescue we specialise in providing first aid and fire fighting training for individuals and companies.
Our skilled trainers are available to ensure that you get the very best in your first aid and fire fighting training. Education in fire fighting and prevention is now essential in a modern society. This concept has been made possible to all by introducing training of an international standard in fire fighting, first aid and disaster management.

All our courses are tailored to our clients environment making sure that any risks identified are covered during each training session.
Members of staff who are to be trained are encouraged to fully participate in both theory and practical sessions which are examined at the end of the training.
Our theoretical and practical courses provide the trainee with a basic knowledge of first aid and fire safety with an understanding of the hazards of fire complete with practical hands-on training on real live fire situations of how to react in the event of fire or emergency.
ICT fire and Rescue is registered with Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) who reimburse the training charges paid by the organization.

First Aid Training

Courses Offered In Fire and First Aid Training
Basic Fire Fighting training
Fire Warden training
Fire Marshal training
Disaster Management
First-Aid training
Road Traffic Collision
We are also actively involved in community fire and first aid safety campaigns both at local and national level. Focusing more attention on education, raising awareness amongst the most vulnerable people within the community in order to reduce the suffering caused by fires and other emergencies.