Disaster Management

We offer the following courses in disaster management

Diploma in Disaster management
Fire Fighting and First Aid
Fire Marshals Training

The aim of the department is to develop a safety culture for environment, properties and human lives through empowering our students and the community with knowledge and skills of disaster mitigation.


To equip the students with knowledge and skills to save lives and properties.
To enable the students to gain insight in natural and man-made cause and effect in disaster on human welfare.
To enable the students to develop and acquire knowledge on project or measures to mitigate disaster.
To promote community safety awareness.

In the era of modern technology the incidences of disaster have increased rapidly especially within our country Kenya. The Department of Disaster Management have created an opportunity for the community, municipalities, companies and institutions to be sensitized on the safety measures that need to be implemented to minimize risks and losses.

To enroll at Diploma level of Disaster Management Minimum requirement is D+ and a Duration of 2years which consists of 3 Months Internship.
Course units offered include:

Fire Fighting and First Aid
Disaster Management
Disaster Preparedness
Drought and Famine
Project Planning and Management
Disaster and Development
Disaster and Environment
Conflict resolution

After graduating students are able to find employment opportunities in

Municipal Councils
NGO’s dealing with Environment and Development
Government Ministry
Military including the police
Heath and safety departments

Examining Bodies

Curriculum activities
Participation on Environmental Days
Sensitizing and empowering the community and companies on basic fire safety and fighting using drills.
Sensitizing schools on first aid and fire fighting

For more information visit ICT College School of Disaster Managment